Business & Personal Development Workshops


All workshops are customized to meet the particular needs of the participants.



Team Motivation 

Is your team stagnant although you know they are capable of much more?  Perhaps, they are dwelling on a past success or failure, and need an extra push to grow to the next level?  Take advantage of RSC's proven strategies to motivate your team not just for a day, but for life!   

Vision Workshop

There's a fine line between making a vision board, and being "vision bored."  That line is having an action plan!  This workshop will help you and your team not only have a clear picture of the desired future, but also a roadmap to get you there.

Goal Planning Workshop

There's a profound difference between goal-setting and goal planning.  The former is about a definite desire, the latter is about taking action.  In this workshop, we walk your team through both processes and end with actionable steps that are solidified and scheduled.

A Life & Business Of Value (ALOV & ABOV) 

At RSC, we believe: Every person is significant.  Every person has value.  The world experiences a void when we don't live on purpose.  True joy comes from passion fulfilled.  These workshops help participants discover their significance, and then share it with the world.

Marketing with C.A.R.E.- Keys to More REFERRALS, Repeat business and lasting relationships - 

Learn how to sell more without selling.  We will cover specific strategies, tools and language you can use immediately to:

  • increase referrals;
  • get more repeat business; and
  • develop lasting relationships with customers and clients

Keys to A Profitable & Fulfilling Business

You can be profitable AND fulfilled in your business!
As business owners and professionals, we often search for the "magic button" that will lead to destination success. In reality, it is the most basic of principles, when followed carefully and diligently, that lead to the results we want to see. Embrace the simplicity of what is covered in this workshop, and experience the joy of a thriving and fulfilling business!

How to Embrace Your Greatness

Many business professionals are waiting for "the day when..." What if that day was really TODAY? What if you really had everything you will ever have, and ever need already on the inside of you?  Learn how to tap into your inherent potential and convert it into active movement toward your utmost ambitions. 

Participants who have followed these simple principles have doubled their income, accelerated their business growth, and lead more fulfilling lives. Are you ready for explosive results?

How to Make Your Net-Work

One of the primary keys to success in any venture is tapping into your network.  Learn the "Four C's" to getting profound and lasting results from your sphere of influence by making your net work!