A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose - Part 1 of 2

A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose - Part 1 of 2

First of all, thank you for investing the time to read this article. I'm really excited about sharing this information. This is a topic that I'm extremely passionate about, and really my business is based off of what I'm going to share - and that is a passionate pursuit of purpose.

Now, I’m a person who likes definitions so I'm going to use a lot of those in this article. Please be sure to take notes as you read through the text.  


Passion is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.”  I like talking about passion, because there is a misconception that when you're dealing with business, that you want to leave emotion out of it a lot of times. You want to be more logical and systematic.  I submit to you, however, that that may be erroneous. I'm going to explain why that might be erroneous soon.

When you talk about emotion, you talk about a feeling that causes you to move. That's where that “e-motion” comes from, and you'll read about that a little bit as well.   First, one of the movie series that I like is The Avengers, and I talk about the Incredible Hulk a lot. The Incredible Hulk, as you know, is regularly Bruce Banner - the scientist who’s kind of nothing to talk about.  He's a pretty average guy.  When something comes up that angers him, however, he transforms from that nice little scientist into the green monster that you see in the movies. This monster is unstoppable. He's capable of doing great things.

I submit to you that the same is true for you as a leader, business owner and as a professional.  When you tap into the emotion of something that angers you, you can become that monster (hopefully, in a positive way) and become able to do great things in your organization; your personal life; in your family; and in your relationships.

If you're taking notes, I would like for you to take just a second and maybe jot down an answer to three questions:

What are you angry about?  

What grieves you?

What brings you great joy?

It could be something that you've seen on the news, it could be something that is just near and dear to your heart. Just take a second and write those down.

A Life of Value

The process of walking through these questions is part of a workshop that I conduct entitled, “A Life Of Value”. I call it a LOV Worth Having (see what I did there?)!  The workshop goes deeper into this to really identify what is that thing that you are most passionate about.  

Hopefully, while reading this short article series you’ll determine why passion is so important.  In the interim, please take some serious time to consider what you’ve read and we’ll add to it in the next installment!

If you would like to gain greater clarity, focus and structure around your purpose, passion and pursuit, click here to schedule a complimentary introductory call with a coach.

A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose - Part 2 of 2

A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose - Part 2 of 2

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