A Passionate Pursuit of Purpose - Part 2 of 2

Purpose is defined as “a reason for doing something,” or “a reason for which something is created or for which something exists.”  All of us have a purpose in life; in business; in our families.  The idea of purpose is associated with what many call the Big Why.  “Why do you do what you do?”  That's a question that everyone should ask:  “Why am I showing up every day?  Why am I establishing the relationships I am fostering? What is the actual end goal here?”

How To Build Relationships And Referrals From Your Real Estate Database

As a real estate coach and business consultant in Washington, D.C., I am often asked how to improve productivity from existing tools.  If you have been in business for any length of time, then you have probably heard the saying, "Your database is your business."  I take that a step further and say that the health of your database determines the health of your business.  This is why I encourage coaching clients to "Treat your database like a child."  Here's how:

The Benefit of Passion

In a recent group coaching session for real estate agents, a dual-career participant shared that the highlight of her other job was the benefits the organization offered.  The benefits she was referring to were of the health insurance variety.  It caused me to think a moment and then present the following thought…