The Benefit of Passion

In a recent group coaching session for real estate agents, a dual-career participant shared that the highlight of her other job was the benefits the organization offered.  The benefits she was referring to were of the health insurance variety.  It caused me to think a moment and then present the following thought:

If the benefits of your job are the only benefits, are they really a benefit?

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How to Capture Your Runaway Entrepreneurial Mind

Being a business coach based in the nation's capital allows for exposure to a wide variety of challenges and opportunities.  One of the most common complaints I hear from business owners and entrepreneurs is that they have too many thoughts, ideas and scenarios running through their minds at any given time.

What's a busy professional to do?

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D.C. Business Coach Tips: Move from Learning to Earning

As a business consulting company in Washington, D.C., we help business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs increase their productivity through systems, tools and innovation.  A large part of this process is education and training.  As our clients spend more and more time in the training center learning, we make a commitment to ensuring that the process does not end there.  As accountability partners for leaders, we want to be sure there is never "learning without earning."  Here's how:

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How to Build Relationships and Referrals from Your Real Estate Database

As a real estate coach and business consultant in Washington, D.C., I am often asked how to improve productivity from existing tools.  If you have been in business for any length of time, then you have probably heard the saying, "Your database is your business."  I take that a step further and say that the health of your database determines the health of your business.  This is why I encourage coaching clients to "Treat your database like a child."  Here's how:

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What is Your Calendar Saying About You?

Does your calendar reflect chaos, stability or growth?  A calendar that reflects chaos is one that is either non-existent or incomplete.  The pages are either dusty from abandonment, or are brand new because it has never been opened.  On the opposite extreme, a chaotic calendar is one that has everything scheduled, including brushing your teeth. This type of calendar is so full that it would take a robot to actually follow it...

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