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P3 Conference 2018 - How to Win in Life and Business, Pt. 1
9.99 19.99

During this two-part conference, learn how to live a life fueled by passion; lived on purpose; and distinguished by a relentless pursuit of your dreams.  You will:

  • discover the passions lying dormant within
  • give voice to and clarify your purpose 
  • develop a roadmap to fulfillment 
  • explore the resources, skills, knowledge and abilities you already have to achieve your goals
  • be encouraged to go after all that is yours!
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Closing the Deal: From Conversation to Conversion
4.99 9.99

One of the most common challenges sales professionals have is knowing what to say and how to say it when it comes to answering customer objections.  In this audio, you will learn how to:

  • be confident in your value and abilities 
  • build a list of daily affirmations and use them to overcome self-doubt
  • slow down, breath and take control of any conversation
  • convert more prospects into clients
  • close more deals an multiply your commissions
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Keys to a Thriving and Fulfilling Business
0.00 9.99

You Can Be Profitable AND Fulfilled in Your Business

As business owners and professionals, we often search for the "magic button" that will lead to destination success. In reality, it is the most basic of principles, when followed carefully and diligently, that lead to the results we want to see. Embrace the simplicity of what is covered in this audio class designed with real estate agents in mind, and experience the joy of a thriving and fulfilling business!

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