Work OverTime

You didn't become [fill in the blank] overnight.  Aside from a miracle, your action plan will take work and time.

Too often we become frustrated, disappointed and discouraged when we have decided to make a life or business change and the desired end still seems distant.  If we consider a road trip, however, we will see the silliness of that thought pattern.

Imagine a family set out on a cross-country journey from Washington, D.C. to California.  About a quarter of a mile into it, Johnny cries from the back seat, “Are we there yet?!”  Dad responds from the driver seat, “No, son.  We just started the drive.  It’s going to take a while, but enjoy the scenery along the way.”  

We can understand the excitement and anxiety of a child, but what if I told you Johnny was forty?  Your opinion of Johnny’s question would change drastically!

When embarking on a new path, we must remember that the key to success may not be in working overtime.  Real results happen as a result of work over time.