Vision Bored

It’s a common practice every year.  People around the world gather magazine clippings, inspirational pictures, quotes from their favorite sources.  We’ve all likely done it at some point in our lives.  We put on our creative hats and contemplate how to create a visual of everything we want to accomplish.  It’s the famous vision board.

This is a sound practice, and has the potential to aid in the process of accomplishment, but alone will not yield any tangible results.  The unfortunate reality is that many a vision board becomes artwork that collects dust as it adorns the cubicle; the bedroom; the refrigerator or the office door.  What started out as an exciting, energy-packed activity, quickly results in a forgotten bore.

One of my favorite scriptures says to “write the vision and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2:2).  It’s so true that we get excited about writing, but we often leave out the other half of the statement:  “…that he may run who reads it.”  Zealous about transcribing the vision, we forget it all hangs on our running! 

Are you bored with your vision?  If so, chances are somewhere along the road you stopped really running after it.  Good news is that you can go back and pick up where you left off!  

What are the action steps you need to take starting today in order to live out your dreams?  Instead of being satisfied with just a pretty picture, you can live a fulfilling life!  Will you choose to run or will you be “vision bored”?