What is Your Calendar Saying About You?

Does your calendar reflect chaos, stability or growth for your real estate business?  A calendar that reflects chaos is one that is either non-existent or incomplete.  The pages are either dusty from abandonment, or are brand new because it has never been opened.  On the opposite extreme, a chaotic calendar is one that has everything scheduled, including brushing your teeth. This type of calendar is so full that it would take a robot to actually follow it - leading to human frustration and confusion.  We've all either started or been here at some point.  It's okay. 

A calendar that reflects stability, on the other hand, is one in which regular and important items are recorded.  The schedule is easy to read and to follow, and there is a flow from week to week.  Time is managed well and routines are established.  This is a good place to be if you want to maintain the status quo, but there is yet another level. 

How Calendar Management Improves Your Real Estate Business in Washington DC

A calendar that reflects growth is one that has <time-blocked> tasks, meetings and opportunities that lead to advancement. That means, for example, if you desire to double your business in the New Year, your calendar should provide the required "business-doubling" evidence.  If the activities that lead to growth are absent, so too will be your desired results. 

So what does your calendar say about your future?  Is chaos and frustration just around the corner?  Are you poised to do the same thing you did in years past?  Perhaps, there is evidence that you are poised for growth and achievement like never before?  Whatever the case, you create your future as a result of what you schedule (and act upon) today. 

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