New Year Goal Script

It's the New Year and many of your clients, family members and friends are already thinking about their goals.  Many will focus on traditional health and wellness goals, while others may embark on a journey to start a new business or complete their first book.  Whatever the goal, you as a professional and relationship-builder should know what it is and be about the business of helping your sphere become successful.

This presents an excellent opportunity to both provide value, and set the stage for a purposeful and systematic communication/follow-up plan throughout the year.  Use the sample dialogue below to engage your sphere and let me know how it goes!

New Year Goal Script/Dialogue:

Happy New Year!  I’ve made a commitment this year to find out what’s most important to the people closest to me, and to find ways I can help them accomplish their goals.  What’s the most important thing that you want to accomplish in 2017?

Can you share why that’s so important to you?

What are three things you need to either do, have or experience to make this a reality this year?

Is it ok if I keep in touch periodically throughout the year to specifically help with this?