Get A Bigger Bowl!

Get A Bigger Bowl!


I have what I believe to be a nice habit of playing music in the morning to set the my tone and attitude for the day.  Typically, I wake up with a song that I sing, and or I play a soundtrack on one of my i-devices.  This morning, however, Kendra (my wife) beat me to the punch!  She was playing a song inspired by the Prayer of Jabez.  It is entitled, “Enlarge My Territory.”

This song has long been a favorite of mine, so I joined in with the track (much to Kendra’s dismay, I’m sure).  I like the song because it is based on a prayer to God for not only protection, but also for expanded opportunity.

I believe as humans we have an inherent, God-inspired desire for more.  What “more” is varies greatly according to the individual.  For some it may be more money.  For others, perhaps, more relationships.  Likely, at some point we have all wanted more time. 

As I listened to the words of the song escape my mouth, I asked a question:  “If mankind is wired for increase, why is it that so many fail to experience it in their lives?”  What are the prerequisites, and how can we make it a reality?

Enlarge Your Capacity

Kendra and I used to frequent a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant that is now closed.  The restaurant was set up very systematically, which I really liked.  You get to choose your ingredients, preparation method and then watch as your dish is prepared in front of you. The first step, though, was to choose the size of your bowl.

Kendra was a master when it came to filling her bowl with ingredients.  Her strategy was to put the vegetables and light items on the bottom; then she would pack the meat on the top.  This would ensure that she got the maximum compression possible, leaving her with a very hearty dish.  It was a great strategy that always seemed to send her home with leftovers.

I never mastered Kendra’s strategy before that place closed down, but I still learned something very important:  no matter how well you pack the bowl, you are still limited to what will fit insideThe key, if you want a larger dish, is to get a bigger bowl.    

The same is true in our lives.  If we want more, then we have to position ourselves for more.  The size of the bowl you bring to life is indicative of what you are ready, able and willing to get from it.  You can only receive as much as you have the capacity to hold!

How big is your bowl?

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